We are a consulting agency that offers customized digital solutions based on your needs.​

We help our clients with everything from an idea to the finished product, management and further development of digital products, as well as efficient development of modules and components for your existing digital product. Our strength lies in providing the right key competence at the right time. We always deliver as a dedicated and responsible team.​

Our services

At THNX, we develop high-quality digital products and services. We often compare the development of a digital product to building a new house. You need the right blueprints, a good workflow, the right expertise, and solid experience. The right people doing the right things to ensure the budget is met, the outcome is excellent, and the delivery is on time.​

​ On the journey from idea to a finished product, various tools and methods are required. We assist our clients with everything from the initial idea to the finished product, including product management, ongoing maintenance, and further development of digital products. We also specialize in efficient development of modules and components for your existing digital product.​

A good start

"A GOOD START" is the beginning of our collaboration. It's a defined project based on your problem, where our solution and delivery provide significant value to you. It's an excellent way for you to get to know us and experience how we work together.​

Make progress

"MAKE PROGRESS" aims to deliver a solution and result based on the business value you seek. Together, we define the scope of work to then maximize the outcome in the form of a service or product.​


Together with you, we create A SECURE FUTURE. In a long-term sustainable solution, it is important to feel secure. Our maintenance package provides you with a development partner who has the necessary skills and experiences required throughout the entire lifespan of your product or service. Our service consists of three parts: continuity planning, maintenance, and support.​

"We are starting our journey with this type of technology as a marketing tool and having Thnx as a partner has been of great help. Thnx is an agency driven by young, enthusiastic, dedicated and extremely professional people. We are very satisfied with our cooperation and proud to show the results at WoC."

Paula Garrido
Global Marketing Director Consumables, In-store & Packaging Husqvarna Construction Products

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Here you will find examples of solutions that we have successfully created together with our customers.

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We believe that innovative ideas deserve to be realised and want to support entrepreneurs to achieve their dream.

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Web AR

Web AR is a digital service that makes modern product presentation possible using AR technology.Web AR also makes it possible to present products in 3D-models online.



SellJet is a digital tool that enables a better product presentation for all sellers, no matter where they are.


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