At THNX, it's the culture that makes the difference

THNX is seen as "my" company by many employees because everyone is involved and we see the results of every effort. We have chosen to be transparent in much of what we do internally to create trust, openness and confidence. There is a genuine interest in all of us to create improvements both internally and for our customers. Good well-being and balance in life is of paramount importance therefore we have flexible hours and alternative options to suit your lifestyle and family situation. At the moment we have our own studio at House Be, a co-working space in the centre of Umeå that is also a creative place full of modern people with sharp ideas.



For us, you and your personality, your drive and your commitment are more important than a meritorious CV. We believe in a strong and cohesive team that thrives together.

At the moment we have no positions available but you are always welcome to apply anyway. Sometimes opportunities and solutions are created for the right star who is in the right place at the right time.