Comprehensive Services: From Concept to Finished Product with Efficient Maintenance


At Thnx, we develop high-quality digital products and services. We like to compare the development of a digital product to building a new house. You need the right drawings, a good way of working, the right skills and good experience. The right people doing the right things so that the budget is kept, the result is good and the delivery is on time.

The path from idea to finished product requires different tools and methods. We help our customers with everything from idea to finished product, management and further development of digital products, and efficient development of modules and components for your existing digital product. 


A good start - Start with clear delivery


"A GOOD START" is the beginning of our collaboration. It's a defined project based on your problem, where our solution and delivery provide significant value to you. It's an excellent way for you to get to know us and experience how we work together.​


Make progress - Delivering business value


"MAKE PROGRESS" is committed to providing solutions and delivering results aligned with the business value you aspire to achieve. Collaboratively, we define the scope of work to optimize outcomes, whether in the form of a service or product.


A secure future - Secures a long-term sustainable solution


Together with you, we create A SECURE FUTURE. In a long-term sustainable solution, it is important to feel secure. Our maintenance package provides you with a development partner who has the necessary skills and experiences required throughout the entire lifespan of your product or service. Our service consists of three parts: continuity planning, maintenance, and support.​

We work with continuous improvement, iterative working methods and partial deliveries

We have an iterative and inclusive way of working where you as a customer become a natural part of priorities and deliveries. All our projects begin a clear start-up where we ensure that we understand each other and have the same goals. This is followed up throughout the project and especially at the end with a follow-up of objectives and quality.

During the project we make partial deliveries and priorities. With experience from developing several digital products and services, we know that we are working towards a moving goal and that it needs to be handled during the project.

Our projects are guided by how well we know each other and how well we know your technology. We start with a good start, then we do one or more limited projects together before we go into a long-term collaboration.

Within each project we work with clear start and end, as well as quality monitoring to constantly improve our cooperation.


A clear starting shot

Includes: To identify the main benefit and a joint review of: Goal, delivery, working methods, scope

Objective: To create a common view of goals, solution and implementation so that we focus on the right things and that the right things are given the highest priority.


Follow-up of work

Includes: An iterative approach with our feedback, your feedback and the possibility of continuous improvement.

Purpose: To regularly follow up ongoing work to ensure that we are on the right path and follow up risks.


A clear conclusion

Includes: Joint review of delivery, working methods (what has gone well and what could have been improved) as well as future possibilities and delivery of product.

Objective: To ensure that the delivery has worked and that you are satisfied.


Quality monitoring

Includes: Quality monitoring, your satisfaction and our improvement potential.

Purpose: A final ensuring that we delivered with quality and that you are still satisfied with the delivery some time after the end of the project.