Visualize data for more insights on electricity consumption

Tibber is the world's first fully digital electricity company to help households reduce unnecessary electricity consumption.

"With smart technology, we give our customers the insights and tools they need through our app. They also get fossil-free electricity at purchase price, which means that our customers pay as much for the electricity they consume as we do when we buy it." - Tibber

The Gullers Group is an agency for leading social actors.

"We are passionate about social issues and communication, and about finding solutions that contribute to dialog and understanding - prerequisites for a well-functioning democracy. We exist for everyone who wants to develop society, find new solutions and create change" - Gullers

Developing fun web solutions with THNX is something I would not hesitate to do again. They had both an excellent process and were responsive to needs. They found great solutions to complex problems and the delivery was perfect.

Sofie Berggren

Head of Global Brand, Tibber



Tibber wanted to learn from customers' consumption patterns to help them have smarter electricity consumption that costs customers less money and also help them consume less electricity. This project was about presenting Tibber's collected consumption data in a clear, attractive and user-friendly way. The target group was both customers and potential customers but also journalists who, with the help of "The power of Data" site, would be able to dive deep into the data and save clear and representative graphs from all collected statistics.

Gullers Grupp highlighted exciting insights into electricity consumption in a concept and design suitable for a web solution that would then effectively and easily display charts and calculations of electricity costs and consumption.

THNX was asked to present all information in a web solution, from big data files to users in a fast, visually clear, stylish and user-friendly way.



THNX's role in the project was to implement a web solution based on the overall design developed by Gullers in consultation with THNX. THNX also managed the large amount of data with detailed information on electricity prices over time in different regions, from different homes and heat sources.

The web solution was created with the React framework Next.js and used services like UpStash to store a large amount of data, which was broken down into smaller pieces that could then be easily retrieved and consumed by the end user's web client.



Potential and existing customers of Tibber as well as journalists could easily view and compare electricity prices via the new web tool. The built-in functionality made it easy to share the information presented in the graphs and to use the web to keep track of electricity prices. For those who needed the data for articles, comparisons and documentation, there was the functionality to download filtered and selected graphs as images in .png format.

All data presented in the web tool is based on the actual electricity consumption of all Tibber customers in Sweden and Norway. The consumption data from the last 12 months is normalized to average living spaces to be able to compare the data between different homes.



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