WebAR - The Future of Product Visualization

WebAR - The Future of Product Visualization

Web AR

With Web AR, your business can showcase all products online in 3D models that can be rotated, but also let customers place them themselves in the home. Web AR is entering as a competitive web-based product display service that is one of the first services on the Swedish market based on this technology. With Web AR, the possibilities are endless for your ecommerce business.

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Mats Tikkanen
Art director

Present products in style

Web AR is a digital service that simplifies and improves the presentation of products digitally. The service will give companies the opportunity to show their range of products in augmented reality (AR) via their website. Web AR enables the presentation of rotating and realistic 3D models that can be displayed directly on the website. Web AR also makes it possible to display products on any real life surface via the customer's mobile camera.

Husqvarna is a company that uses Web AR to display and sell their new floor grinders today ( ). With 330 years in the industry, Husqvarna is without a doubt one of the largest and leading companies in industrial and machine innovation. Husqvarna manufactures diverse products within different areas of use. Forest, garden and home environment to name a few.



SellJet is a digital tool that enables a better product presentation for all sellers, no matter where they are.