Selljet - Modern product presentation

Selljet - Modern product presentation


Thnx Innovation always works for high quality results and SellJet is no exception. With the help of leading augmented reality (AR) technology, Thnx has developed a user-friendly sales support app that simplifies sales for you and your business. Pick up your phone or tablet, open the app and place your products right in front of the customer.

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What benefits do you see with SellJet?

SellJet helps us visualize and adapt our concept to each unique workplace. In addition, it engages our customers who get to see our concept live in their own workplace before we are even up and running. Both appreciated, practical and super fun!

Niclas Dorfh

Simplified high-end sales using SellJet

SellJet is an app for mobile phones and tablets that allows you to place products in real life using AR. The products in focus are those that are too difficult and large to ship to place in real life. Some examples are vending machines, freezers and kitchens. The app is a presentation tool for salespeople and allows customers to change product specifications such as color and other options.

Reference customer: Convini

Convini currently uses SellJet to present and visualize its customized solutions for workplaces in Sweden and Germany. Through innovative and unmanned complete solutions, Convini offers food, drink, snacks, coffee and fruit to people at work - 24/7 and always close by. Convini has grown strongly in Sweden for many years and today reaches consumers in over 4,000 jobs. For some time now, it has also been operating in Berlin.


Web AR

Web AR is a digital service that makes modern product presentation possible using AR technology.Web AR also makes it possible to present products in 3D-models online.