Belly Balance - App and development partner

Belly Balance - App and development partner

Belly Balance is a digital IBS treatment, created by dieticians, based on the evidence-based FODMAP dietary treatment, combined with belly knowledge, yoga and mindfulness. Step by step, you will learn how your stomach works and especially which foods are causing your symptoms. The treatment helps over 75% to reduce symptoms and increase quality of life. Belly Balance is currently the leader in Sweden in treating IBS with the FODMAP dietary treatment.

In Sweden, standardized treatment of IBS has long been lacking. For a few years now, the dietary treatment FODMAP has been available which, according to scientific studies, helps 75% of people with IBS. In recent years, we have successfully treated thousands of people using FODMAP. The dietary treatment uses the Stomach Balance program in combination with mindfulness, breathing exercises and stress management.

Belly Balance

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"In Thnx we have found the development partner we have long lacked. A partner who has committed ly understands our company and our business in order to contribute in the most value-creating way. Thanks to the security of working with Thnx, we can fully focus our resources in the right places."

Jenny Sands
Belly Balance

Long-term view to digital success

Belly Balance treatment is free in the app and created by leg. Dieticians and IBS experts Sofia Antonsson and Jeanette Steijer. The app contains knowledge about the stomach, the dietary treatment FODMAP and stress management. The app also includes a premium service that offers tools to give you a greater chance of success.

We at THNX have for a long time developed and managed the Belly Balance app. In close collaboration with the team behind the app, we have continuously worked to create a sustainable and long-term product that is scalable and can reach the international market. This means everything from road maps, concepts, design, backend, front end and web development.


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