Exenze Active - App- and web games and experiences

Exenze Active - App- and web games and experiences

Location-based activity games and experiences adapted for companies, municipalities, tourism, associations and schools. By turning the environment into a game plan, we can combine the smartness of a phone with the amazing things your environment can offer. With the help of gamification, IoT, AR and GPS, we create innovative variants of classic games that you can easily play on your phone.

With Exenze's gaming platform, you can digitalize your environment and activate children and young people.

Exenze Active began its journey in 2017 with high ambitions to transform commerce with Augmented Reality. On the journey, we learned that activity-based games and experiences were so much more rewarding to work with. With our gaming experiences, we can do good in society by promoting mobility and learning in children and young people as well as the elderly and disabled.

Exenze Active

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"In a close partnership with Thnx Innovation, we gain access to high-quality and scalable digital product development."

Richard Lindberg
Exenze Active

Experiences that make a difference

Exenze Active offers two gaming platforms where we can create experiences that are tailored to your brand and needs. The experiences can be used outdoors or indoors.

Exenze Active is supported in its development by THNX Innovation, which is also our parent company. We have access to the best experts when it comes to development and customization and can therefore meet virtually any need.



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